Hi all, we mentioned earlier during the live broadcast from the oratory of St Jo…

Hi all, we mentioned earlier during the live broadcast from the oratory of St John of the Cross Holy hour, that we'd post the info. for joining the global archconfraternity or praying membership of the Holy Face.

The headquarters worldwide is located where it all started, in the living room of Venerable Leo Dupont, the Holy man of Tours, where he recited the Holy face prayers over a 30 year period with the sick resulting in countless miracles. The living room is now the oratory of the Holy Face.
Leo and Sr Marie of St Peter' s tombs are both present in the oratory to this day and it is said that many miracles took place at both tombs.

The Dominican order are present and Fr Christian-Marie O.P. is the prior / boss. Anyone can write to be enrolled in the global archconfraternity that the little Flower, St Therese of the child Jesus and the Holy Face and her family joined and you can ask for a copy of the page where Louis, Zelie and the children including Therese were enrolled to be sent to you.

Please e mail : sainteface.tours@gmail.com. Or write to Fr. Christian Marie at: 8 Rue Bernard Palissy, 37000, Tours, France.

It's also possible to order some of the Blessed oil that still burns perpetually in front of a relic of the Holy Face in the oratory. Costs depend on your country of course. Best to e mail and ask what to do from your location, but I believe from Ireland, one can send about 20 euro to cover post and packaging and a small donation. God bless: x The Holy Face Team


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