Live weekly holy hour in reparation for the breaking of the first 3 commandments

Live weekly.Holy Face holy hour in reparation for the breaking of the first three commandments and for all your intentions



  1. Filomena de Pasamonte For my intentions, please. Thank you.
  2. Kenneth Uchenna Please pray for God divine victory over my court case coming up next month Amen
  3. Angie Davila Prayers for all marriages, especially those in trouble of divorce. For the unemployed, may they find work. For the Alvarez family, return to God & strength in Him. For special intentions. Amen
  4. Kenneth Uchenna Please pray for God divine intervention and breakthrough upon my life Amen
  5. Teresa D. Zubiri Praying with you all
  6. Ritah Okumu For our Families happiness and good health and healing
  7. Teresa D. Zubiri Praying for healing and conversion in my family. Blessed Mother Mary intercede for all our needs, plans, intentions and prayers entrusted to me. Holy Face protect my family from attacks of the enemy!! Blood of Jesus cover us and save us. Amen.
  8. Kenneth Uchenna Lord have mercy on me
  9. Geraldene Frances praying for the intentions of Our Blessed MotherπŸ™β™₯️
  10. Debra Thelander Special intentions πŸ™πŸ»
  11. Martina Mcdonagh Pls all pray for me and Aaron me brother. Me mum and dad and family and friends God bless you all amen πŸ™
  12. Emy Ramos Prayers for my autistic grandkid Izzy
  13. Barbara Lacey Help us jesus. To live. To. Your will. And bring me my kids grandkids family great protection of every evil leadbus to the right path replace all that is no good for us unholy in our lives. Safe travel for us. And healing of all sickness. Victory over every evil. Heal temptations
  14. Colette Porter Blood results in few days please pray for me.x
  15. Emy Ramos Prayers to complete healing healing of my Knee
  16. Brenda Carpenter Amen πŸ™
  17. Julius Gutierrez Prayers for your intentions also Joe Nicosia and sandy thanks God bless you
  18. Timmy Joyce Hello a prayer for my family thanks
  19. Drew Clarke God Bless
  20. Emy Ramos Godbless you all
  21. Ann Doyle thanks for hereing my prayer
  22. Colette Porter Thank you God bless x
  23. Virginia M Regan Hawkins ❀️
  24. Maria Stokes Pray for me and my family and my needs amen
  25. Josie Curtin Deegan Pray for my family. Keep them all safe as i lost 2of my boys to divide .
  26. Annie Aikara Divine Holy face pardon us lead us through your way. Amen
  27. Geraldine Tolan My Lord and my God Amen πŸ™
  28. John Henry Bourke Please pray for my/our Intentions and that all of our communications/meetings/telecons are blessed, God bless and thank you!
  29. John Denver My God, I ask you to bless my plans and grant me blessings so that economically everything turns out well and finally my debts disappear from my life, I pray to you my God, you grant me the wisdom, I also ask you to bless my family and friends.
  30. Anna Harman Dowling Please pray for Christopher Dowling who died suddenly on the 12 December 2018 very sadly missed by his parents brother Sean and extended family
  31. Mary Josephine Pray for us,amen
  32. Trevor Troy Please bless me and guide me for my biopsy tomorrow in tallaght hospital.
  33. Damala Parimala Mary Have mercy on me and my family

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