The Holy Face Website Launch

Image of Jesus Christ from the Shroud of Turin


The Holy Face Website launched today. We are delighted to welcome you to this new website on the Holy Face and hope it works marvels in peoples lives.


  1. The_Holy_Face Thank you for your kind comments!
  2. Darina Very lovely page, thank you <3
    • The_Holy_Face Thank you very much Darina <3
  3. Mairead My husband and i were in Ireland last year in Co. Clare (Ennis) we did not see any billboard on "The face of Jesus" nor we hear anything in Clare or Listowel, co. Kerry in the Church about it. i have a nice through marriage who told us and i quote. only poor people (like the travelers" and or ignorant people believe in god. ( maureen is in her mid fifties) We were shocked. Now a priest yesterday, has told me the in the monostries in Ireland the men studying for the priesthood are gravely miss guided. are you aware of any of this? Thank you Mairead

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