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  1. Kathy I have a framed photo of the holy face has a lot of meaning to me
  2. Larry Landolfi Dear friends of the Holy Face, It was with GREAT pleasure that I saw the recent Holy face campaign that was done over there in Ireland. As a devotee of the devotion for 20+ years, I simply thought what you did was the GREATEST!!! When I read the books "The Golden Arrow", "The Holy Man of Tours", and much later "All The World Will Love Me", I can honestly say that I'd never heard of anything more beautiful in my entire life. Of course this is all a grace from God to even be "attracted" to a devotion so necessary in our sad, sad times. To make reparation to Our Lord for those who use His name in vain, or even work on Sundays, has been a real love of mine for a long, long time. Passing out Holy Face cards (with the Golden Arrow prayer on the back) and even trying to get others interested is what I love to do. In this video that was posted Patrick McCrystal says he wants to spread this billboard campaign all over the world as quickly as possible. If you need a worker here in America, please let me know! Larry Landolfi (Rochester, New Hampshire, USA)

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