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  1. Kathy I have a framed photo of the holy face has a lot of meaning to me
  2. Larry Landolfi Dear friends of the Holy Face, It was with GREAT pleasure that I saw the recent Holy face campaign that was done over there in Ireland. As a devotee of the devotion for 20+ years, I simply thought what you did was the GREATEST!!! When I read the books "The Golden Arrow", "The Holy Man of Tours", and much later "All The World Will Love Me", I can honestly say that I'd never heard of anything more beautiful in my entire life. Of course this is all a grace from God to even be "attracted" to a devotion so necessary in our sad, sad times. To make reparation to Our Lord for those who use His name in vain, or even work on Sundays, has been a real love of mine for a long, long time. Passing out Holy Face cards (with the Golden Arrow prayer on the back) and even trying to get others interested is what I love to do. In this video that was posted Patrick McCrystal says he wants to spread this billboard campaign all over the world as quickly as possible. If you need a worker here in America, please let me know! Larry Landolfi (Rochester, New Hampshire, USA)
  3. Michael Stapleton In 1986, following a pilgrimage I made to San Damiano and Medugorje the Holy Face of Jesus appeared on wallpaper I was hanging for a friend. The wet paste on the back of the embossed paper formed perfect image of the face of Jesus. It was so perfectly formed that my friend was shocked & a little afraid. However the countenance of Jesus was so comforting that I felt no fear. I believe it was a consolation. In the past few years I've become devoted to the holy face, remembering the great grace I received many years ago.
    • The_Holy_Face Thank you Michael for your uplifting story. We have seen some miracles attributed to the Holy Face medal here in Ireland. We encourage everyone to wear a blessed medal around the neck and to recite the various Holy Face prayers. God bless you.
  4. Patricia Mc Auley i have given the Holy face medal to several soldiers who served in Afghanistan and Iraq. Two drove over a roadside bomb and were unharmed. Two were distracted when going to have a cigarette and the place they were meant to go was blown up by enemy fire. A further two confronted a suicide bomber who had found his way into the compound. He detonated the bomb in front of them. They were unharmed and he was blown to pieces. A mother requested a medal for her son when he was sent to serve in Afghanistan the son was sent home on leave as things were quiet and when he arrived home the group he would have been patrolling with were killed.
  5. Alicia Munoz de Anda When I frist saw the devocion for my beautiful holy face , it was many years ago in the book of pieta, but 8 years ago when my daughter was having her baby it got very complicated she was not retaining the the blood transfusion, I am very sorry for not knowing how to explain the thing is that the doctor after 6 hours later came out and said to me and her husband pray and hope that you don't see me back tomorrow and she said we did every thing that could be done I went to the chepal in the hospital to pray and talk to Jesus and I told him I want my daughter to be fine but I rather you do your will and not mine because you know what's better for her soul.and I love you very much . And when I was there a man that was there came up to me and said would you like this booklet it's a beautiful devocion of the holy face of Jesus and said to me can I give you a hug everything is going to be fine offcours I knew it was my beautiful Jesus that send that nice man to let me know everything was going to be fine. Know my daughter has 3 more kids after what happened they said she was not going to be able to have more babies . I adore my beautiful Jesus I love his holy face thank you may God bless you all.
  6. Nicole I have the picture up on my computer and meditate on it daily. To me, it shows a doorway to the other side (a portal). Jesus truly is the way. Literally. I also see his face when i am just closing my eyes. His face embodies calm, full control and no fear. Every time i am afraid or doubt my abilities, i look at his face and it reminds me who really is in charge.

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