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On the first Friday of Lent 1936, Mother Maria Pierina de Michelli (beatified 30th May 2010) reported a vision of Jesus.
In further visions she was urged to make a medal bearing the Holy Face of Jesus. She was given permission to reproduce the face of the Holy Shroud of Turin and authorisation by the Curia to proceed in 1940 with the medal.

One side has the image of the Holy Shroud of Turin and the words of Ps 66:2 "illumina Domine Vultum Tuum super nos" (may the light of your Face, O Lord, shine upon us).

On the other side the sacred host. The letters IHS and “Mane nobiscum Domine” (stay with us O Lord) Pope Pius XII approved the devotion and medal in 1958. She also reported Jesus’ desire of a special feast day on the Tuesday preceding Ash Wednesday each year (Shrove Tuesday), to be preceded by a 9 day novena of prayer.
The medal became famous for the miracles and spiritual favours associated with its use. In Our Blessed Mother’s own word, the medal is “a weapon for defense, a shield for courage, a token of love & mercy in these troubled days of lust, evil, loss of faith and hatred for God and for His Church.
Whoever wears this scapular (medal) and, if possible, pays a weekly visit to the Blessed Sacrament on Tuesdays in a spirit of reparation to the Holy Face will be granted the gift of a strong Faith and the grace to fly to its defence conquering if need be all interior and exterior difficulties. Moreover, they will meet their death peacefully, under the loving gaze of my divine son.” (from Biography of Blessed Pierina p33).
In 1958, Pope Pius XII declared the feast of the Holy Face of Jesus for all Roman Catholics to be the day before Ash Wednesday (Shrove Tuesday).




  1. John Hello, just wondering if anyone can get a copy of a medal of the holy face, if not , don't worry
    • The_Holy_Face Hi John, Yes of course, we will have someone email you next week and have medals sent out to you! If anyone else wishes to have medals send out to them just submit a message through our contact form requesting medals and we will have them sent out to you! Take care
      • Néstor alvarez Please. I need to know where and how can I buy a lot of the medal. I live in a dangerous country that many people need increase their faith. We are an association pro-life. Thanks, Néstor
      • Patricia casas I would very much like a medal of the holy face for devotion and prayer and if would humbly ask if i may have more with leaflets and medals of the holy face so i may share and assist in spreading this beautiful message. Here is my address: viva cristo rey 10801 w 56th st shawnee, ks 66203 May the favor of god always shine upon you Patricia casas
        • The_Holy_Face Dear Patricia, thank you very much for your lovely comments. Apologies for not responding to your email earlier. We have Holy Face prayer booklets, 9-day novena booklets, blessed holy face medals and chaplet beads. We would love to be able to assist you in spreading devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus in Kansas! Shipping from Ireland incurs costs so any donation would be welcome. We obtain our Holy Face medals from a centre in New York and airmail them to here. I am sending you a package of our Holy Face materials in today's post and you should receive them in about a week's time. Thank you again for your interest in spreading devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus. God bless you, Anthony O'Reilly
  2. Marilyn Geoghegan I would very much like to receive a medal of the holy face of jesus so i can look at it when i say the prayer and chaplet.
    • The_Holy_Face Hi Marilyn, we will have someone contact you and send you out some medals! God Bless
  3. Jacinta Hi I would also like to have a medal of the face of Christ. Thank you
  4. Patti Day I wish to begin a devotion to the Holy face joined by my daughter and her two oldest girls. Would you please contact me regarding the medal? I pray for the reconversion of the people of ireland.
  5. Erin McGahuey My husband and I were blessed to make a pilgrimage to Rome, Assisi, Oropa, and Turin last June. We were able to spend time in prayer in many holy places. Most especially we were able to visit, see, and venerate the Holy Shroud of Turin. I've been interested in the Holy Shroud since childhood and believed it to be the actual burial cloth of Our Lord Jesus. Now I KNOW in my soul that is true, not just knowing in my head but in my being. I happened to buy a medal of the Holy Face of Jesus, not knowing anything about the story of the medal. We didn't get one for my husband as the line of work he was in did not allow him to wear anything around his neck, wrist, our or even a wedding band. Could you please send me 4 Holy Face medals for my husband and family? Thank you. Your mission is in my prayers.
  6. Victoria simmons Dear sirs, Would it be possible to receive one of these holy medals to keep with me especially as I pray the rosary? I would most happy to pay for any costs involved. Thank you for your service and love.
  7. Darren McBrien I would like to distribute the holy face coins and leaflet into places such as prisons and homes for troubled youths. Can you offer me any advice regarding this thanks
  8. John Hello I would like some holy face medals please. Pax et bonum
  9. Rita Warfel I wish to start this devotion in my community in Michigan. I would be interested in purchasing this sacred metal. God bless you in this important work for God. Sincerely Rita Warfel
  10. Vicki Mroz My father prays several time throughout the day. He is chronially ill and is wishing for this medal (The Holy Face). Please contact me with instruction on how to obtain one for him. Thank you
  11. Deacon Ron Thompson How can I get the Holy Medal?
  12. Donna Sue Have a Holy Face Friend here in America that sent me your website. What an incredible site this is!!! We love the holy face and are making chaplets and passing out information about the devotion. Seeing your work in Ireland is exciting and gives such hope! May his face continue to shine upon you!!!
  13. Linda Christenson I would appreciate a few holy face medals.
  14. Paula jasmer Yes, Please send me a medal. I would love to have one. Thank you Paula
  15. declan vincent mitchell I have a large framed picture of the holy face of Jesus in my bedroom but would love to have a holy face medal to carry it on my person Thank You D.V.M.
  16. diana How can I get this medal? is there a way we can place an order? I would like to give this medal as a gift for the holidays this year!

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