Live weekly 3pm GMT Holy Face Holy hour Dublin Ireland in reparation for breakin…

Live weekly 3pm GMT Holy Face Holy hour Dublin Ireland in reparation for breaking of the 1st 3 commandments and removal of the Irish-life 8th amendment to the constitution.Broadcasting in 3 successive parts: Part 1 :3pm-3.20pm : The history, miracles and relevance for today of the Holy Face devotion. Part 2: 3.20pm -3.35pm: The Holy Face prayers including Litany, Golden Arrow and Chaplet prayers. Part 3: 3.35pm to 4.10pm: the Rosary of Our Blessed Lady as requested at Fatima.



  1. Anonymous Father I am offering you the holy face of Jesus for reparation of our sins and for the conversion of the sinners specially in my family . And please father heal me from asthma.I am experiencing some birthing difficulties recently . Please Jesus help me as always. Amen
  2. Anonymous Lord pls help the whole nation to avoid doing sin.pls stop abortion to other country
  3. Anonymous Bless us all
  4. Anonymous I ask where did you buy the veil of veronica frame??
  5. Anonymous Thank you for reminding me it’s Tuesday to visit Jesus in reparation honoring His Holy Face ♥️
  6. Anonymous Good evening ❤➕➕❤
  7. Anonymous Amek Quindao 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
  8. Anonymous Treanor Tony
  9. Anonymous praying for CELY DAYAO was rushed to hospital awhile ago in ICU now
  10. Anonymous Hi all, please pray for Ireland so much violece and murders. And thank you for doing this every week God Bless
  11. Anonymous Holy face of Jesus have mercy on us♥♥♥
  12. Anonymous thank u!u said ir right mam!:)
  13. Anonymous Amen
  14. Anonymous ❤💚💜💙💛💐🌹➕➕➕➕➕
  15. Anonymous Treanor Tony Amen❤➕❤
  16. Anonymous Have metcy on us..❤➕❤
  17. Anonymous Thank you Sirter❤➕❤
  18. Anonymous Amen
  19. Anonymous Amen 🙏 Jesus ❤️
  20. Anonymous Amen
  21. Anonymous Holy Face of Jesus have mercy on us all.
  22. Anonymous Thank You Amek
  23. Anonymous Beth Amen 🙏💙🙏
  24. Anonymous Prayers for Antonio and Ilda
  25. Anonymous Prayers for my autistic grandkid Izzy and to my Knee Replacement Surgery this coming July 9

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