Live weekly Holy Face Holy Hour every Tuesday in reparation for breaking of the first 3 commandments

Live weekly Holy Face Holy Hour broadcasting every Tuesday in reparation for the breaking of the first 3 commandments and for all your intentions



  1. Kenneth Uchenna Holy face of Jesus grant my heart desires Amen
  2. Patsy Holland Please pray for my 3 year old , and for my husband God bless you
  3. Maria Stokes Pray for me and my family and my needs amen
  4. Marsha Caldwell Please pray for my Dear long-time friend Nancy, suffering with both cardiac and cancer issues.
  5. Idz Maghari Pls pray for me,my son 's family,brothers and sisters and their family with good health, guidance and protection and abundance of financial blessing in Jesus name and the Holy Spirit..amen
  6. Caroline Miller Pls pray for me, my phone is repeatedly hacked.
  7. Princess Astrid Please pray for me, my family and my special intentions. Thank you and God Bless. πŸ™πŸ’
  8. Princess Astrid What was the name of the nun and/or her book?
  9. Julius Gutierrez Prayers for your intentions God bless you and family
  10. Julius Gutierrez How too get the prayers thanks my friend God bless you
  11. David Acevedo Socialism is the enemy of Christ with the Aims at attacking Christ Church via the organization ofThe learned Elders of Zion
  12. David Acevedo Constant prayers to our Lady to disperse the evil amongst us all
  13. Carroll Rourke For my family reunited and drive evil out!
  14. Princess Astrid Grateful to have found your page......God Bless
  15. Novy Aliga Madayag Holy Face of Jesus please bless me and my family
  16. Linda Goral Pray that the Residential Tenancy Branch will help me and find Favor. Assist me with issues with my Landlord, and tge Truth will be exposed. Thank you Jesus for Interceding for my needs. AmenπŸ™
  17. Debra Thelander Special intentions for my Nephew πŸ™πŸ»
  18. Linda Goral For my special and personal Intentions. Thank you Jesus. AmenπŸ™
  19. Carroll Rourke Prayers for all on this site their intentions spoken and those unspoken! Jesus I Trust in You! βœοΈπŸ™πŸ»πŸ•ŠπŸ™πŸ»JMJ
  20. Ellen Fisher Blessed to be part of this Holy Time β€οΈπŸ™πŸΌ
  21. Ellen Fisher Please intercede for everyone for whom I’ve promised to pray β€οΈπŸ™πŸΌ
  22. Linda Goral For all those in this prayer group. May God be Merciful and Gracious towards all your prayers. Thank you Jesus, for answering and Interceding for all your children's prayers. AMEN πŸ™
  23. Winnie Mccartycasey My son is watching please pray for him he’s name is Johnny
  24. Florencio Villarico Jr Lord God please have mercy on us and hear, grant our petitions. Help me in all my needs - success in job, health and finances.
  25. Cathy Liz I need holy matrimony, holy face of Jesus grant me that request.Amen
  26. Jackie Doran Doyle Pray for peace in the world we are all one Aman
  27. Carol Krawiec Please pray for a stop to abortion around the world
  28. Valerie Daly Peace in all the world wish everyone happiness
  29. Bridgey Delaney Please pray for my children and grandchildren and all of my needs
  30. Amigo SSarsuelo Sarah save us oh Lord by the merits of Thy Holy Face..
  31. Amigo SSarsuelo Sarah oh infinite loved . oh unfathomable loved.come come we need you ..come come
  32. Melania Bernas most holy face of Jesus have mecy on us
  33. Zenaida Bernardino Blessed my children and family of great opportunities. Amen
  34. Sarah Moorehouse Please keep all the berry family in your prayers thank you Ann berry
  35. Sarah Moorehouse Pray for all the poor souls in purgatory amen Ann berry and family
  36. Tilde Ferri Bricker For all the living, deceased and members yet to come in the Ferri, Bricker Families. JMJ +++ πŸ’•
  37. Joanne Perez Please Pray for Peace in the World 🌎
  38. Bernadette Kerr dear holy family protect my family and for my own health and happiness please
  39. Erlinda Cabales Please pray for me and my soulmate, we need to bewell to continue totake care of our parents and childern, please help us in our financial needs, amen
  40. Adriana Martinez May by the Wounds of Thy Holy Face may Thou save the world
  41. Adelheid Esser Please Jesus help me find the courage and wisdom to get a lawyer who will help me get the funds back from the bank.
  42. Evelyn Mauya Please pray with me to be united/ together with my children/ family soon. It's horrible to be away from them. Please God bring them to me quickly!! Amen.
  43. Barbara Palombo Please heal nadines kidneys and let her get off of dialysis amen
  44. Dorothy Okuma Holy face of Jesus be our king and savior of the family of Augustin Okuma, protect us from all evil

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